STEAM Sundays November: Under the Lens!


Invent! Design! Create!

November 17 (Sunday)

As part of our Family ArtVentures Programs

Sunday: 2:00 - 4:00 pm

$20 for a family of 2

$40 per family of 4 $5 for every additional child

STEAM + ArtVentures = Creative Critical Thinking!

Join us for an electrifying new workshop experience where families will discover the connections between art and technology.  Inspired by the components of STEAM learning; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math! This program will encourage families to take thoughtful risks as we explore the Design Thinking process.  STEAM will form the educational and inspirational foundation behind everything created.

For our November 13th workshop we will create watercolor paintings inspired by microscopic images! Guest artist Kate Schwarting will share her biological art and take us through the process of looking through a microscope and painting/drawing what you see.

Check out her work at

$25 Family of 2

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$40 Family of 4

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$5 for additional child

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