Printmaking: Intaglio on Plexi

Printmaking Intaglio on Plexi.jpeg

Instructor: Lorena Salcedo-Watson

November 9 16 & 23 (Saturdays)

3:00 pm - 6 :00 pm


$180 plus $25 materials fee

*Registration required 24 hours prior to the start of class.

Explore dry-point intaglio printmaking techniques. Work with a very user-friendly material for creating your imagery. Students will become familiar with the process of developing their imagery on plates and operating an intaglio press. We will create imagery on plates and approach a variety of printing and wiping techniques. There will be no acids or harsh chemicals used. Students will be working on acrylic plates with water-based inks and quality printmaking papers. Students will be able to further build upon these basic skills in future classes with additional platemaking and printing possibilities, and during Open Workshop sessions.

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