Fur & Feathers: Techniques of Animal Illustration

Fur & Feather Techniques of Animal Illustration.jpg

 Instructor: Diane Barthel-Bouchier

October 27 & November 3 (Sundays)

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm



Whether sharing our lives or inhabiting the wild, animals make wonderful subjects for all kinds of art genres. Join us to explore some sure-fire techniques of animal illustration. The first session will be devoted to mammals, including techniques that focus on how to render the texture of fur; in the second session we turn to birds - feathers, feet, beaks, bills, and all. You are invited either to bring photographs of your own favorite birds and animals or to work from images supplied by the instructor. You can also choose to work simply in graphite pencil, or bring any of a range of drawing material, such as colored pencils or pastels.

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Samantha Wuestman