Gallery North presents a conversation on indigenous plants and cultivating biodiversity in the homescape.

june 1, 2019 at 2 pm


Brian Smith is Vice President of The Long Island Native Plant Initiative (LINPI) and a certified Master Gardener with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. LINPI is a volunteer organization whose mission is to protect the genetic integrity and heritage of Long Island native plant populations and thus biodiversity from a landscape to genetic level, by establishing commercial sources of ecotypic plant materials for use in nursery, landscaping, and habitat restoration activities. smith will be presenting “Native in the Homescape” to environmental groups and libraries.

Luke Gervase is Education and Outreach Specialist for the Long Island Invasive Species Management Area (LIISMA) is a partnership of many organizations from the geographic area that includes Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Nassau and Suffolk counties. LIISMA aims to conserve Long Island biodiversity, wildlife habitat, recreation resources, scenic quality and crop production while protecting human health and safety to reduce the threat of human-introduced invasive species that are either plant, insect or pathogen.


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