ArtVentures in Glass

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With Julianna Kirk

August 22, 23 & 28

2:30pm - 5:30pm

Ages 12-18 years

$180 with $55 materials fee

This is a 3 hour, 3 session exploration in fused glass art.

Click here to learn more about Julianna Kirk. 

Join in ArtVentures with Glass with Julianna Kirk, glass artist. Explore and create works using fused glass techniques in this 9 hour experience.

Our first session will begin with an introduction of the art form of fused glass , explanation and practice of technical skills, and creation of one beautiful glass pendant to be fired afterward in a kiln.

Our second session will allow students to receive and review their pendants, then learn and execute techniques for a glass dish. We will plan and execute a 2 layered glass design that will be fired afterward in a kiln.


Our third session will be to receive our fused squares for our glass dish, refine them and add more accents. The molds we choose for our dish will be readied. This will be fired afterward in kiln. Images and actual advanced pieces will be shown to students before ending session.

A pick up of our dishes will be available on Friday 8/30 after 10:00 am in gallery.

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Take advantage of this special program that allows students exposure with a media not often available to be taught!