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Terence Netter Exhibition

Gallery North is pleased to present an exhibition of the work of TERENCE NETTER. Preparing these paintings over the past few years, Netter has continued to contemplate peace, truth, religion, and life. At this point in his career, Netter is nourished by revisiting the shapes and landscapes reminiscent of his home in the Loire Valley of France. Patterned details create a rhythm and quiet energy. The peace he seeks in his heart and mind, he expresses in his paintings. His surfaces are often silently mixed-media where the viewer must search carefully and quietly for that one subtle spot on the canvas which might be raised above the surface or slightly textured.

There are many levels to Netter’s vision: vision as a meaning of life and truth, vision as a path to self-expression, vision as spiritual and emotional wisdom. Terence Netter’s works are powerful subtle images which invite the viewer to enter in to his visual world of perpetual understanding. 

Earlier Event: May 20
ArTalk: Bruce Lieberman