Gallery North is a not-for-profit gallery promoting the finest contemporary regional art and craft. It is located in the beautiful and historic area of Setauket, Long Island. 

Established in 1965, Gallery North focuses on contemporary art in a variety of disciplines, including painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, digital art and film. Exhibits explore the diversity and vitality of the arts on Long Island, while classes, workshops, excursions, talks and annual festivals involve community members in the lively process of art making.

With the addition of Gallery North's new Community Art Center, we can continue to provide the community with a diverse selection of educational programming, including ArTalks, Art Ventures, Art Abilities and Art Works.

Gallery North is a not-for-profit organization and has 501(c)3 status. All donations received are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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Gallery North’s Community Art Center engages the local community in a range of educational and artistic events, including innovative fine arts education and outreach activities for children and adults, advanced workshop opportunities for professional practicing artists, inspiring ArTalks each month and arts and film related discussion series. The Community Art Center is a collaborative space for all members of the community to enjoy and participate in. Its contemporary decor has been designed to cater for a range of art making processes including printmaking, sculpture, drawing and painting. 

For more information about studio art classes on offer, click here

B O A R D   O F   T R U S T E E S

Nancy Goroff, President

Judy Gibbons, Vice-President

Ronne Cosel, Secretary

Gene Sprouse, Treasurer

Michael Ardolino

Barbara Delfyett

Stephanie Gress

Rae Haggist

Fredric Levine

Marcia Montoya

Terence Netter


Judith Levy, Executive Director

Lorena Salcedo-Watson, Program Manager

Brooke D'Ambrosio, Exhibitions Coordinator

Maria Perez-Lent, Administrative Assistant

Jean Caiola, Volunteer Coordinator

Larissa Grass, Education Coordinator

A R T I S T   A D V I S O R Y   C O U N C I L

Kelynn Alder, Fred Badalamenti, Pam Brown, Sheila Breck, Nancy Buetti-Randall, Jeanette Dick, Flo Kemp, Bruce Lieberman, Carol Marburger, Eleanor Meier, Pat Solan, Doug Reina, Fernanda Vargas